Every property is unique and requires different maintenance needs. Whether you require one service or our complete package of landscape maintenance services, All County Landscaping Services provides you with an unmatched level of high-quality service and professionalism!

We offer an excellent array of services to help you with maintenance tasks ranging from the simplest to the most complex maintenance needs. No matter what type of project, our goal is to provide you with superior quality, service and professionalism.

Our maintenance services include: park

  • Clean-ups: Spring, fall and as-needed clean-up services.
  • Lawn services: Seeding, thatching, aeration and revitalization programs.
  • Lawn maintenance: Including cutting, trimming and blowing-off/debris removal for all patios, walks, and driveways.
  • Fertilization
  • Garden care: Weeding, mulching and bed preparation.
  • Shrub and tree care: Hedge trimming, bush trimming, fine pruning, tree trimming and removals.
  • Snow removal: Snow plowing, snow and ice removal and salt spreading.


All County Landscaping Services has your clean-up needs covered. We make sure that your property looks its best year-round and that your valuable landscaping survives and thrives throughout the seasons.

Clean-up services include:

  • Spring Clean-up: Complete clean-up of your grounds, including the thatching of lawn areas, removal of all leaves, clean-out of flower beds & bushes and the disposal of all collected debris.
  • Fall Clean-up: Leaf removal from lawn and bed areas and the removal of all associated debris.
  • General Clean-up: Are you putting your property on the market or have you fallen behind in the general upkeep of your yard? We will come in at any point throughout the season and give your property the cleaning that it needs to help you get the most value for your property or to help you catch you up in the general upkeep of the yard.

Lawn Maintenance Service

All County Landscaping Services provides lawn maintenance to commercial, retail, institutional properties, home owners associations and property management companies.

Lawn maintenance includes: Cutting of the lawn, trimming along beds and paved areas, blowing or sweeping of all paths, patios parking lots and driveways.

Shrub and Tree Care 

All County Landscaping Services also provides comprehensive, expert services to ensure the health and beauty of your valuable shrubs and trees. Working with our highly qualified landscape designers, we specialize in all phases of shrub and tree work including:

  • Hedge trimming
  • Bush trimming
  • Fine pruning
  • Tree trimming/pruning
  • Relocation
  • Planting

Lawn Services 

All County Landscaping Services offers an array of lawn services to ensure that yours is the greenest on the block. Distributed throughout the growing season, we promote healthy lawns with both preventative measures and individualized services throughout the warmer months as well as on an as-needed basis.

  • Thatching: Performed in the spring, thatching removes a layer of above-ground roots and stems that can prevent air and nutrients from reaching the soil in lawn areas.
  • Aeration: Performed in the fall, aeration removes plugs of soil from the lawn, providing air to the roots and helping them reach deeper into the soil to mitigate the stress of the spring thaw and summer heat.
  • Seeding: We will select the best seed for your conditions and expertly spread it with our professional equipment. We recommend Seed Aide when seeding as opposed to straw because it is better at bonding soil bonding which prevent movement during rain or irrigation.
  • Revitalization: In some situations, a lawn may need a fresh start. When necessary, we can remove the damaged lawn and either seed or install sod to give you a healthy, weed-free lawn.